Acti 9 this is a complete range of devices
for end energy distribution

Monitoring and control of protection including direct current and photovoltaic electrical circuits.
Control and command devices including LED lighting
Mutliple accessories: key locks, plug-in base kits, voltage releases and other

Efficient installation

Double clip for easy installation on comb busbars.
Seperate devices can be dismounted individually

VisiSafe, VisiTrip

Two front-facing indicators show a complete
product status:
- is it on or off
- the reason for the circut breaker triggering

Smartlink Communication

Easy coordination with BMS systems
i.e. power circuit monitoring (on/off), device control, measuring individual timing of the circuits, energy consumption monitoring and other.

Test annually

Residual current circuit breakers (RCCBs) Acti 9 can be tested by pushing T button only once a year (in the first 7 years after their installation, in good environmental conditions).

1. RCCB is working and receivers are active.

2. Briefly push a button "T" on the front of the cover (pushing the button for longer can cause damage).

3. Residual current circuit breaker should release immediately. . If this does not happen, the device should be additionally checked.

4. After completing the test, the device should be switched back on

Residential consumer units and circuit protection

Easy9 K60 range of consumer units offers stylish, efficient and practical solutions at competitive prices.